Pray for us

Prayer for the
Homeless - I found this prayer online and adapted it to fit Our present
emergency and hopefully motivate some to help.





O God, we pray for these
  homeless children—Too many in number, just in our community, each one,
  precious, precious Lord in your sight. And there are even more who live on
  the edge of becoming homeless themselves, who go to bed hungry, who do not
  have the things we take so much for granted like clothing, food, toys. Help
  these kids, O God. Comfort them, fill them, give them hope, and let them know
  that when all else fails, you are there to hold us in your very hands, to
  wrap your arms around us. God in your mercyHear our prayer.


  O God, we realize this issue is much larger than children, that it
  effects parents and families and other adults. But we are still all your
  children, and you ask us to care for those in need, to be Jesus, to work for
  systemic change and justice. God in your mercyHear our prayer.


  homelessness touches on so many issues, and we would be blind if we did not
  realize that many people are hurting in our community. There are addictions
  and mental illness and even abuse, wounds that can leave scars and lasting
  effects. Though we take love for granted in our families, we know there are
  some who have not felt that love. We ask for understanding and love; we ask
  for direction on the path that leads to healing and wholeness, which often
  offers hard choices. Help those who are wounded in body and spirit, their
  families and friends. Grant us the wisdom to find the path that leads to life
  and the courage to walk it even when it is hard. God in your mercyHear
  our prayer


  we pray for the caregivers, for the folks who work with the least of these,
  who offer assistance and work for change. We lift up the Mission and their
  work, their calling, their ministry to help these children and their
  families. We pray for all the counselors, the teachers, coaches, and
  principals to help them act in a way that manifests your love. God in your
Hear our prayer.


  O God, we give thanks for all the ways care is offered in our
  community, for the many pantries. As Isaiah tells us, “a child shall lead
  us,” and we ask your continued blessing on this program where the homeless
  are helping other homeless. And we hear their mantra, saying to us, “be
  the change you wish to see
.” , For the Backpack Program that sends food
  home with our children. For all the churches and organizations and groups,
  from every food drive to every item donated, we thank you, O Lord, and ask
  your continued motivation in our lives to care, to care as Jesus taught, as
  Jesus did. God in your mercyHear our prayer.


  we also give thank for the people who mentor children, for the programs that
  help them with their homework, build their character, instill a positive
  self-image, inspire them to dream and play and hope. We lift up the Boys and
  Girls club and every after school.


  we pray for our leaders, our elected officials, to work to address this
  issue. Help us to lift up this issue, to bring it into their sight, to shine
  your glorious light into all the dark places, even places we’d rather not see
  in order that your grace and goodness, your love and justice might flow
  through our community. God in your mercyHear our prayer.


  we pray for our society that will not just offer compassion, but systemic
  change that addresses these issues, that brings about justice, that
  recognizes that all of your children have the basic right to food, clothing,
  shelter, basic right to hope. We pray that as Citrus County grows, we will be
  mindful of people of all economic brackets, that there will be affordable
  housing, and room will be made for those on the margin. God in your mercy
  … Hear our prayer.


  O God, though we pray asking that you comfort your people, make your
  grace known to us in real and substantial ways, and always offer us the hope
  of life through Jesus Christ, I also ask that you make us uncomfortable,
  that the despicable injustice that a child does not have a place to sleep at
  night will jar us to the core of our being, challenging us not just to pray
  with our hearts tonight, but to pray with action—to work and volunteer and
  build a community in accordance with your Kingdom. Stir our souls, ignite a
  passion for compassion, make us uncomfortable with the status quo that we
  might see you glorified through our work for a better world. And as small and
  inadequate as we are, as humble as we try to be, empower us with your Holy
  Spirit which strengthens that your will be done in Citrus County. God in
  your mercy
Hear our prayer. Amen.